Laboratory of lithology and biostratigraphy

Main directions of activity: complex lithological, geochemical and biostratigraphic study of stratotype sections of the Upper Proterozoic of Russia used for lithological and biostratigraphic subdivision and correlation of sediments and comparison with known Meso- and Neoproterozoic stratotypes of the world.

Following the traditions laid by the founder of the laboratory B.V. Timofeev, the lab conducted an extensive series of studies of the composition, structure and biostratigraphic value of organic-walled microfossils in Upper Proterozoic. Currently, work is underway on the creation and improvement of schemes of biostratigraphic subdivision and correlation of Upper Riphean and Vendian of the Southern Siberian and Russian platforms.

Lithological and geochemical study of typical sections of the Riphean and Vendian by the laboratory staff allowed us to determine the intensity of weathering, the composition of the sources of demolition and recycling of sedimentary material, determine the redox conditions in the basins of sedimentation, and to trace the evolution of the material composition, paleogeographic and paleogeodynamic settings of the formation of large sedimentary basins.